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Last updated July 6, 2000

What to expect next
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Austin's Bachelor party
Austin's Wedding
Fishing pictures
Pictures of Cancun (if Tommy ever emails the pics to me!!!!),
Halloween party (if I haven't deleted them)
My trailer
My house
Stuff about Texas A&M University


July 19, 2000: Started the fishing pages check em out

July 09, 2000: fell asleep for a while got everything working again

January 27, 2000: Survived Y2K.  Made my Laptop into a dual boot with WIN 98 and NT 4.0.  Loaded Office 2000 (ya baby).  This FrontPage 2000 rocks!.

December 10, 1999: Added events to calendar section. Added Art section

December 3, 1999: Uploaded changes to Tripod.

December 1, 1999: Decided my 50megs.com ftp server was too slow so I'll use it to store part of my site.

November 30, 1999: Added a guest book and a web board, so I can know who has been to my site and so you guys can post the latest events in your lives and discuss huge political issues like where the next group party is going to be....by the way Witchita crowd have you nailed down your New Years plans yet.....

November 30, 1999: Brook showed me www.50megs.com and I began moving my website to this location. This may solve my space issue.....for now.

November 30, 1999: Added this chronology of my updates, Last update date, and added links to friends pages.

November 29, 1999: Published this web site to my friends. November 22, 1999: Added thumbnails for the Krushers football team I play with.

November 18, 1999: Started adding Thumbnails of my pictures. I'm using Thumbnails Plus evaluation copy for now. It is very good software and can be downloaded from the Cerious company web page.

November 2, 1999: the site was born. My life is now on the web